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Starting from 2018, the Barbini family company is registered with the “Promovetro” Consortium, an institution that promotes and spreads murano glass culture all over the world and, consequently, benefits from the “Murano brand“, the only official brand recognized by the Veneto Region that guarantees the authenticity of “Made in Murano” glass.

In these times of limited mobility we have created this new site to give the opportunity to view and buy our products to all those who cannot reach Venice and the island of Murano.


The Barbini , an ancient Murano family

The Barbini belong to an ancient family of glass-bearers, present in Murano since the second half of the 16th century. In 1658, by order of the Council of theTen, is inscribed in the Golden Book of the Magnificent Community of Murano, known as the book of the island’s glass nobility.

The most remote news, regarding the activity of mirrors carried out by the Barbini family, datesback to the seventeenth century.

The Company, the Glass and the Art of Venetian Mirrors

AAV Barbini Srl is the oldest brick-and-white company still in operation, with regard to theart of Venetianmirrors. Its origins, in fact, date back a long time before the date of its foundation.

In 1927, Nicolò Barbini,after attending the School of Drawing “Abate Zanetti”,moved by the ancient artistic flame and strong of the long family tradition, in the
art of glass,
founded its first company of ecited artistic glasses,in which his brother will collaborate Guglielmo,also an engraver and founding member of the S.a.l.i.r., immediately distinguished himself for the elegance and refinement of the mirrors produced.

After only two years of activity, in 1929, he will be awarded the Gold Medal of First Degree at the “Esposizione Mostra Campionaria” in Florence and, together with his brother Guglielmo, will furnish with Venetianmirrors, mirrors, tables,

consoles and troumò

in glass and crystal ecided numerous Hotels, Palaces, Show Rooms and Casinos.

AAV BARBINI srl is a creative laboratory

founded in Murano in 1927 by Nicolò Barbini, specialized in the art of engraving on glass and in the production of ancient and modern Venetian mirrors, as well as in the restoration of ancient mirrors.

Family tradition

Currently the company, which boasts a glorious family tradition in the field of glass, dating back to the seventeenth century, makes use of the work of three generations of expert craftsmen at the top of this exclusive technique, acquired through a great passion, deep historical knowledge and great professional experience.

Professional experience

Nicolò himself passes on to his sons Vincenzo and Giovanni the artistic sensitivity and great professional experience, helping them to understand and learn perfectly the secrets of the trade and the different processing techniques.


All the stages of processing (the project, the cutting, the grinding, the engraving, the silvering and the assembly) are carried out exclusively in Murano and personally followed by the brothers Vincenzo and Giovanni Barbini and their respective children, Nicola, Marco, Matteo and Giovanna, Andrea, Pietro and Filippo, able to continuously reinterpret an invaluable heritage of techniques and secrets.


Barbini Venetian mirrors in the world

To date the mirrors of the Barbini family are found all over the world, from India to the royal palace in Thailand, Japan, where in the seventies they had enormous popularity and were used to adorn the walls of the most exclusive buildings, in the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany, Iran, Morocco and among the sheikhs of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait , as well as in major local showrooms.

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Experience and professionalism at your service

Barbini has always offered their experience and professionalism to architects, designers and artists, giving concrete form to ideas and projects.

Art engravings on glass

Venetian Artistic Craftsmanship, today AAV Barbini srl, was born, since its origins, as an art engraving workshop on glass. Not only, therefore, Venetian mirrors.

The harmony of the shapes and the delicacy of the sign imprinted in cold glass is a quality that the Barbini have maintained over time to the present day.

The art of silvering

The art of silvering, that is, that process thanks to which a simple transparent slab is transformed, almost by magic, into a mirror is a secret that Murano mirrors have been handed down for centuries.

Quality silvering is a real prerogative of Barbini mirrors, as well as the imitation of ancient mirrors*, the result of both centuries-old experience in the field, but also, and above all, continuous research and desire to experiment.

The art of cutting

The cut of the glass, handmade, with the diamond tip is a technique that has always been used to make Venetian mirrors. Following the lines and curves of the mirror design, the slabs are cut and, subsequently, engraved, molarized and transformed into a mirror!

In the Barbini laboratory, such precision is used that only experience and innate dexterity can guarantee.

“Not only Handicrafts… “

when passion and love push man to translate thought into real fact, a poetic act is performed. The Barbini family, with dedication and wisdom, has long found the forms to give back all the imagination in the matter, allowing the opposite to happen to us, thanks to their beautiful mirrors.

– Marco Ballarin

One-of-a-kind company.

History and tradition. The real craftsman, handmade workmanship, unique and beautiful pieces. If you pass murano you can’t help but pass here.

– Marta Benevento

“Traditional artisan workshop”

Artisan workshop of Venetian mirrors really the old-fashioned way. Superb mirrors at a special price. Truly family staff. If you go right away.

– Carlo Fuga – Wikipedia

The wonderful Venetian mirrors of the Barbini family furnish and embellish our Hotel

All rigorously handmade according to the ancient rules of a centuries-old tradition, these precious and refined furnishing elements have collaborated enormously to embellish our accommodation. Their artistic beauty is highly appreciated creating an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Punctuality in deliveries, very competitive prices and absolute quality of products: thanks Venetian Artistic Craftsmanship!

– Hotel Da Bruno


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Each item is signed “Barbini Specchi Veneziani” and bears the brand Vetro Artistico® Murano,which guarantees its origin (law, regional n. 70, of 23-12-1994).

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