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Welcome to the official online shop of “Barbini Mirrors Veneziani”!

AAV BARBINI srl is a creative artisan workshop, founded in Murano in 1927 by Nicolò Barbini, specialized in the art of hand glass engraving and in the production of ancient and modern Venetian mirrors, as well as in the restoration of antique mirrors.

You can buy our original products directly: classic and modern Venetian mirrors, glasses, glasses, hand-engraved paintings and vases, design products and works of art made in collaboration with the most renowned murano glass craftsmen and masters.

All the proposed works are reproducible and possibly customizable but there are also unique, original and unrepeatable pieces.

Each item is signed “Barbini Mirrors Veneziani” and bears the Vetro Artistico Murano® trademark, which guarantees its origin (regional law n. 70, dated 23-12-1994).

AAV Barbini srl - Specchi Veneziani

Venetian Mirrors

Some proposals from our catalog of the classic Venetian mirror in different shapes and variants. An unmistakable and precious art object.

Sara Forte

Sara Forte is an Italian painter who collaborated with us in two different moments of reinterpretation of the Venetian mirror.
The result present in the following proposals “Mutations” and “Abstractions” demonstrates how lively, always current and exciting is the union between art and tradition.

Riflessi di Lume

The works in this collection are part of an exhibition created on the occasion of the second edition of The Venice Glass Week 2018.

These are 8 unique and original Murano glass mirrors, each of which is the result of collaboration with some master lumists selected specifically for the occasion.

Lucia Massari

The Italian product designer and illustrator Lucia Massari has created a series of works with us, perfectly combining the materials and decorations of the glassmaking tradition, proposing them in a modern language full of emotions.


Our collaborations with Italian artists.

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