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AAV BARBINI, holder of the Barbini Specchi Veneziani brand, is a creative and multifaceted laboratory, founded in Murano in 1927 by Nicolò Barbini, specializing in the art of glass engraving and in the production and restoration of ancient and modern Venetian mirrors.
This is the oldest Murano company still in business, in the production of mirrors, and collects the legacy of three well-known glassworks: Venetian Artistic Crafts, Guglielmo Barbini and Domus Vetri d’Arte, all realities of excellence and united by a solid family tradition. In this sense, today, the Barbinis intend to continue the family business in the name of tradition, with a unique knowledge handed down from father to son.

The company boasts a glorious tradition in the field of glass that dates back to the seventeenth century and today uses the work of three generations of expert craftsmen at the top of technical knowledge, acquired through a great passion, valuable professional experience and deep knowledge of the subject and its history. All stages of processing (design, cutting, grinding, engraving, silvering and assembly) are carried out exclusively in Murano and personally followed by the brothers Vincenzo and Giovanni Barbini and their respective sons, Nicola, Marco, Giovanna, Pietro, Andrea and Filippo, capable of continuously reinterpreting an invaluable heritage of techniques and secrets. The entry of the children into the company generates new vitality and energy, thanks also to the continuous desire to experiment with new silvering and engraving techniques and the introduction of new machinery, such as the ultra-modern water jet, the only one of its kind in Murano, and the installation of a glass melting furnace.

Today the mirrors of the Barbini family are found all over the world, from India to the Royal Palace of Thailand, in Japan (where in the seventies they had enormous popularity and were used to adorn the walls of the most exclusive palaces), in the United States , in Russia, China, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, as well as in the main Italian showrooms, in prestigious hotels, luxury residences and in the headquarters of important foundations such as The Venice Biennale.

Since 2013 Barbini Specchi Veneziani has participated in numerous collective exhibitions, participating in valuable events such as “Homo Faber” (in Venice in 2018) and the 47th edition of the GAS Conference. At the same time, the company establishes important collaborations with internationally renowned artists and designers, including Philippe Starck, India Mahdawi, Joan Jonas, Nathalie Decoster, Alice Guittard, Martino Gamper, Bethan Laura Wood, Lucia Massari – and with the most renowned masters of Murano glass.

In 2018 Vincenzo and Giovanni Barbini were awarded the MAM (Master of Art and Craft) honor, a special recognition promoted by the Cologni Foundation of Art Professions dedicated to excellent Italian Masters of Art. Since the same year, the company has actively participated in the numerous initiatives promoted by the Promovetro Murano Consortium, an institution that deals with the management and promotion of the Vetro Artistico® Murano brand, owned by the Veneto Region.

In 2019 Barbini Specchi Veneziani won the Bonhams Prize – in its first edition – with the exhibition “Materia Eterea”, the best event of the third “The Venice Glass Week”: an exhibition of fourteen works at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, in Venice . During the same year, the Barbini are selected to realize the twelve prizes for the 34th edition of the Venice Marathon and one of the five prizes for the Six Nations 2020 rugby tournament.

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