Manrico Baldo alias Zero Mentale

Manrico Baldo alias Zero Mentale


Manrico Baldo alias Zero Mentale was born in Padua in 1972 where he lives and works as an architect. Graduated from the Art Institute in 1991, he subsequently obtained a degree in Architecture in Venice, a period in which he matured a training course especially in the glossy and translucent world of airbrushing, which also marked his technical completeness. And it is precisely the original technique, combined with a particular care in the chromatic choice and in the precision and cleanliness of the sign, that make his works stand out for their visual impact, stylistic vigor, emotional intensity. Each work is the result of research, study, emotions. Zero Mentale is a concept of re-birth, of re-appropriation, of detachment from the expressive training of the artist, from the meticulous search for representative, almost maniacal perfection, to eliminate all the artistic contaminations and expressive techniques of canonical beauty, to rework the sensations and moods that life and nature allow him to grasp. Baldo knows how to transmigrate inner perceptions into tactile, palpable perceptions, a sort of manipulation of emotional states that he fixes in the material with clean lines and signs, only apparently simple. In reality, the procedure is quite long and complex, and involves several stages. The artist prefers medium density wood panels of 1 meter x 1 meter, acrylic colors, but it is above all the finishes and lacquers, obtained with glossy transparent synthetic, that make the difference. A skilled technique, learned over the years and refined over time. Zero Mentale becomes a philosophy of life, it is not a clean sweep of the past, but a continuous evolution in the interpretative research of the artist’s perceptions.

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