Marco Toso Borella

Marco Toso Borella


Marco Toso Borella, glassmaker, illustrator, writer, musician and historical researcher, is today one of the most multifaceted artists present in the Venetian territory.
He was born in Murano, where he still resides, in 1962. He carries out his activity as a painter on glass on the island where he lives, in the continuity of ancient family traditions, specializing in the technique of “Graffito su oro” which consists in the engraving, using points of different diameters, of 24 k gold leaves . applied on glass. In addition to participation in international art exhibitions and reviews, his works are present in museums and private collections.
In 2011, as part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Murano Glass Museum, one of his works in gold graffito “Metropolitan Triptych” is exhibited in the Museum, where it is still kept, as a representation of a working technique on unique and exclusive glass. Precisely because of the originality of this type of processing, Marco Toso Borella is quoted in the series The Art Dictionaries and Opera Artists Techniques and Materials.
In 2016 he conceived his glass VIA CRUCIS for the Basilica of SS. Maria and Donato di Murano to whom he donated it and where it is housed and permanently exhibited.

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