General terms and conditions of sale

Conditions of sale
The goods displayed on the are sold by AAV Barbini srl Specchi Veneziani. The general conditions of sale are those defined by the owner of the goods in the general conditions of purchase set out by him on the and They will display the following information: name and geographical address of the supplier, subject to the contract, how to conclude the contract, terms of payment, delivery, guarantee, right of withdrawal and privacy. Any special conditions are indicated in the product sheet that you will find attached to the individual asset and that constitute an essential integration of the contract concluded with the owner of the asset.

Carrello della spesa
I prodotti esposti nel sito possono essere selezionati ed inclusi nel carrello della spesa mediante l’utilizzo dell’apposita funzione “aggiungi”. Inside the cart are collected all the goods that you intend to buy through a transaction made with the owner of the goods themselves. The same are displayed indicating, for each product, the name, the unit price and the total price including taxes and taxes; at the end of the card, the total value of the purchase is calculated by adding the various products purchased. At any time you can change the contents of the cart by adding or removing one or more products and in this case the total value of the proposed transaction is automatically recalculated. Transport charges (if not already included) will be added to the transaction amount in the manner selected at the time of ordering.

Order format
Once you have confirmed how much you intend to buy and taking note of the total costs that you will incur for the purchase, by accessing the form “Order”, automatically you will move to the part of order management where, once the privacy policy has been confirmed, the conditions of purchase have been confirmed, the order form will be filled in every mandatory part marked with (*) the conclusion of the transaction will be proceeded. It emphasizes the need to communicate the exact personal data of the person making the payment that are also necessary for the issuance and sending of the invoice.

The prices applied to each sale are indicated in the exhibitor’s catalogue, in force at the time of purchase. They will remain stationary until a different publication on the site. The prices do not include transport costs or any other charges not expressly indicated as included in the catalogue or in the special conditions. The cost of any other additional charges, including transport according to the chosen method, will be indicated in part. Payment must be made via Paypal account or credit card, entering the type, number and expiration date of the card where required in the order form. The price of the goods will be charged to you in the way of the issuing company your credit card. Bank transfer to the order is also accepted as payment methods on request.
No complaints are accepted unless made within 8 days of receipt of the goods. For each dispute, the competent court is that of Venice.

Delivery address
For the purpose of delivery of the order, the “address” field must show the street, the civic and the interior. If the delivery address is different from that of the paymenter or in any case it is necessary to integrate the information for delivery, this additional information must be communicated together with the others in the “delivery address” field.

Order confirmation
Once the data has been inserted into the order form and the expressions of consent have been expressed regarding the processing, communication and dissemination of data as well as the conditions of purchase of the products, the order can be confirmed and the goods sent within a maximum of 30 days.


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